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Label is a Dutch, family owned, design furniture manufacturer.

Label is a Dutch, family owned, design furniture manufacturer. The company was founded in 1991 by its designer Gerard van den Berg. In its 20 year history the company evolved from a small, national oriented business to a large worldwide operating company. In its own factory, based in Breda, The Netherlands, Label produces design armchairs, sofas and dining chairs of distinct and original design. The products are characterized by their pure and honest non-nonsense design and natural character. The furniture is furthermore defined by craftsmanship and authenticity. The statement of Gerard van den Berg about the Label products is that they should always provide very comfortable seating. Label specializes in processing leather upholstery and therefore developed its own unique leather collection in close cooperation with Dutch tanneries. Other natural materials such as oak wood and fabrics enhance the furniture’s natural character. All pieces of furniture can be ordered in a wide range of leather types and colours and mostly in fabric as well. Furniture is consequently produced on demand, but due to modern company logistics and purchase policy, lead times are very short. By placing sales department and factory under the same roof, Label is able to react fast and efficient to short-term requests. The quality of Label’s products can be monitored closely, since suppliers are usually found in the company’s neighbourhood. In its factory, Label employs specialized personnel, craftsmen with usually a long history at the company. Buying a piece of furniture of Label brings an authentic, pure and honest product into your house, which lives with you for many years. In close cooperation with local tanneries LABEL developed its own unique collection of leathers. Each type of leather has its own individual features, but all of them have an open character and a natural look. These so-called “open” or “aniline” leathers display the natural features of the original skin. Neck folds, local color difference, scars and insect bites are examples of natural features. Differences in structure and grain occur in these hides. The quality of the leather is not affected by the properties mentioned before. These leathers are more susceptible of the influences of moisture, dirt and light and need therefore special attention in terms of maintenance. The leather is ‘alive’ and will show signs of wear over time. Besides our own leather collection, we also use more common aniline leather types, such as the collections of Ohmann Leather. These leathers are also used by other furniture manufacturers. As an alternative for the open leather types, so called ‘covered’ leathers can be used. These leathers are covered with a pigmented layer during the stage of retanning. By this application the natural characteristics of the original hides disappear. The leather is more user friendly, maintenance is less complicated and less creases will occur. A semi-covered leather such as Ranchero has the best of both worlds: natural properties remain visible, but by its slightly pigmented finish it remains friendly in use. The choice of an ‘open’ or ‘covered’ leather depends on personal taste, intensity and purpose of use and the space in which the furniture will be placed. Our retailers can give you extensive information about different options. We only use the grain layer of high-quality cow or buffalo hides. All hides are dyed in the barrel and get a stain and water resistant finish after retanning stage. Specialized people of Label inspect all production batches at the tannery. All parties are tested for light fastness (min. 3) and stain and water resistance, both by us and by the tannery. In the production space in Breda the hides are processed into covers for the furniture. That is still hand work and work for true practitioners. The cutting is still done by hand to process colour nuances and different structures in the grain properly. Also the processing on the sewing machines is specialised work. Various models are distinguished by lockstitch and special stitching.

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