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THE COMPANY The Cividina, a company based in Martignacco in Udine area, north-east Italy, designs and manufactures upholstered chairs for contract and residential.

THE COMPANY The Cividina, a company based in Martignacco in Udine area, north-east Italy, designs and manufactures upholstered chairs for contract and residential. The company, headed by Fulvio Bulfoni, born in 1976 as an artisan company whose main philosophy is to provide seating and furniture products of high quality, directing its resources to the development of technical and professional organization aimed at constant improvement of both achievements and the services offered to customers. The constant adjustment to contemporary styles and design trends through the provision of a safe and reliable service has allowed the Cividina in time to position itself among the leading companies in the sector both in Italy and abroad capturing valuable supplies in many areas such as hotels, villas, private companies, designs firms and ship cruise companies, who have become testimonial of the high quality expressed by the company. The Cividina can count on a sales force with a structured commercial agents and brokers. The company caters directly to contractors, engineering consultants, wholesalers, and all this thanks to a brand that in its sector is becoming more and more important and well known. The sales network is aimed primarily at architects, design firms and designers. The company's revenue is 85% abroad, the remaining 15% in the Italian market. The sale organization ensures the company’s presence in several markets: U.S.A., UAE, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Far East, Japan, Australia and in European countries: Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, U.K., Holland, Scandinavia countries, Russia and the Balkans. La Cividina factory extend a covered area of approximately 3.000 square meters where all the people working in highly skilled craftsmanship and tailor-made product. Fulvio Bulfoni, managing director of the company, which is also the focus has been able to elevate and promote the philosophy of the brand today, making it a landmark in modern furnishings. La Cividina was founded in 1976 as a subcontractor company, specializing in the upholstery industry. The company's founder, Carlo Bulfoni, creates its own brand name after having established a high level of know-how working as head of production for several important companies as Cassina / Moroso and others. In 1993 the turn with the entry in the company of his son Fulvio, now managing director of the company. The close collaboration with leading designers causes Fulvio Bulfoni always draw inspiration for the creation of a brand itself, capable of positioning in the market independently reaching the end customer and progressively abandoning the activities of contractor . The friendship and professional relationship with Gianni Rossetti, one of the current designer of La Cividina, creates the conditions at the end of 1999, to create the first product line under its own brand. BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY: QUALITY AND DESIGN The Cividina is distinguished by a philosophy focused on the quality of its products, designed and produced constantly following the evolution of contemporary lifestyle. With an agile and responsive to customer needs, the company is always able to provide a product that combines sophisticated elegance to basic elements such as safety, functionality and durability. The continuous search for the best materials, optimization of production processes and improve the services to customers favored the success of the brand in its industry La Cividina both Italy and abroad. Each creation of La Cividina is the result of a careful development process that ensures the completion and improvement at every stage, from design to production. The high professionalism of the designers is one of the strengths that allows the creation of a range of furniture products according to customer needs and the context in which they must be placed. The projects are the result of creativity and design, but they are also the result of a careful study that balances aesthetics and ergonomic features in the choice of shapes, colors and materials. BIOGRAPHY Although "family tradition", his passion is sports and spends 10 years in the Athletics (high jumper), activities that practice as a professional until 1993. The Bulfoni has joined the company in 1993 and is an insert bearing traditional Italian moves them the first steps in the production department where he learned all the secrets from the upholsterers who work in business using traditional techniques, which contain the secret of the quality of The Cividina. The proximity to the designer Gianni Rossetti makes him groped the launch of the first collection and the launch of a direct promotion to the Italian market and abroad. Bulfoni continues to create new collections in close contact with designers who, thanks to the craftsmen workers in La Cividina, can measure at any time the development of their prototypes and actively participate in their optimization. Today Bulfoni follows himself Cividina The brand development, marketing strategies and initiatives of all communication with its target audience.

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