Tips Designers and Sales

Marketplace Tips for Dealer Designers and Sales

Welcome to Marketplace 2.0! We’ve migrated to an upgraded platform designed to integrate more processes and give you a more powerful tool for early budgeting. It’s also designed to have a familiar “e-commerce feel” and be even more intuitive. That said we do have a few new features and tips to point out to help transition to version 2.0. Follow along below for quick tour of the new platform:

View as Public/Dealer

Margins and other sensitive information can be hidden when you change your view (upper right corner icon) to View As Public. Use Public mode when you’re showing a client a project directly from your computer. At each login your view will default to View as Public.

Product Comparison

From the Product Grid click the check mark in the bottom right corner to bring up the Compare Products menu. Up to (4) products can be compared on the fully printable Compare List that includes details like price, features, lead time, etc.

View All Projects

On Marketplace 2.0 we’ve swapped the term “Portfolio” for “Project”, and right under the Menu Bar you’ll find a Projects banner where you can immediately click to the Projects you’re working on. Click the “View All” button to see old projects.

Creating New Projects

Create new Projects by clicking the New Projects button on the Landing Page or on the View All Projects page. You’ll also have a Create New Projects option after you click the Save button on a Product.

Creating Multi-layered Spaces within a Project

Marketplace 2.0 allows you create multi-layered spaces (rooms) within each Project. After you create a Project, you’ll see the Spaces options on the left side of the Project page. Spaces will allow you more organization and more granularity within each Project.

Add Notes to Products within a Project

You can create shareable Notes for Products within each Project. Use these Notes for yourself or to share ideas with teammates or clients. Click on a Product within a Project (or on your Clipboard) and scroll down to see the Notes feature.

Invite Team to Project (Edit Access)

To collaborate with team members, click the blue Invite button and you’ll be able to add access to Projects you’ve created. Invite allows others the full ability to edit and add on to your Projects.

Share Project (View Only Access)

Projects are now easily shareable with teammates and/or clients. Click the Send Arrow on the upper right side of the Project Page to create or email a link to the Project. Shared Projects have View Only Access and don’t require OneLogin, so it’s a great way to share with clients.

SmartTools Symbol Copy/Paste

Available on Product Pages are the SmartTools Symbol for the product which can be automatically copied to your clipboard for easy pasting into your CET. Additionally, within a project, clicking on any product will show a modal with a Get SmartTools Symbol button in the bottom left corner (scroll down).

From a product page

From a project

Download Hi-res Images for Product or Project

High-resolution photos of all products are readily downloadable into zip files from Product Pages. Additionally, you may download the high-resolution photography for an entire project by using the Download button the project page.

From a project

From a product page

Edit Margin for Product or Project

Marketplace 2.0 also give you the ability to change the margins at both the product and project level. Project margins are accessed under the Settings tab of the project page. Product margins may be manipulated by clicking on the product within the project and scrolling to the bottom of the modal. Product margins will override the project-level margins.

Margins can also be hidden when you change Settings (upper right corner icon) to View As Public. Use Public mode when you’re showing a client a project directly from your computer. Margins won’t be visible on shared View Only versions of your project.

Hedberg Export Integration

Marketplace 2.0 is designed to integrate directly into Hedberg. Projects can be easily exported directly into the Hedberg System for easy quote creation.

  1. Click on the blue Create Quote button at the top of any project to get started.
  2. A modal will display the project for verification, click on the blue Create Quote button at the bottom right corner.
  3. Next, select the dealership and customer and click Create Quote to finalize.

The project will be sent to Hedberg as an XML file, automatically creating a quote. You’ll be able to review quotes that have been submitted for the project on Marketplace under the Project Quotes tab.

Additional Hedberg Setup documentation located here.

As you can see, Marketplace 2.0 will offer an enormous amount of value to your design and sales processes. From the look and feel to the integration capabilities, it's an giant upgrade. There’s no better way to discover all possibilities than to start exploring on your own. We can't wait to hear what you think!