Zero - Hoop pendant

Zero launches Hoop pendant light designed by Front

Stockholm studio Front’s new Hoop pendant for lighting brand Zero features an elliptical glowing blob that rests at the bottom of a brightly coloured cage.

There’s no visible link between the wire that runs down into the top of the structure and the diffuser at the base. To create this illusion, electricity is fed down the wires that are encased in the frame’s eight strands. These strands lead to the bottom of the diffuser, where electricity enters the light source and runs back through the metal frame in a circuit.

The studio has a long-standing collaboration with Zero, and this new pendant shows a clear kinship to Plane, Front’s earlier fixture for the Swedish brand. Plane features the same thin metal structure that conceals its wires, but the light source is a flat acrylic disk that spreads its light up and down. The white glass of Hoop’s globe creates a brighter, more ambient light than the plastic disk used for Plane.

This latest release was shown in Stockholm in February and is available to order from April with the frame in white, blue or orange.

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