Wittman - Merwyn chair

Sebastian Herkner designs sporty furniture

German designer Sebastian Herkner has created a chair and dining table with racing stripes of leather piping produced by Austrian furniture brand Wittman.

The piping runs in a prominent ring around the chair’s plump seat cushion, interrupting the smooth upholstery with a neat ridge. The optional arms are made of a stiff veneer shell upholstered in pieces of leather with subtle tracks of stitching along the outlines.

The shell adds to the racing car aesthetic with more sleek upholstered leather and offers support as it cradles the chair’s cushioned back from behind. The legs come in either black lacquered beech or natural oak, with the back two legs extending down at an angle.

The dining table has the same race car stripes of leather piping down the vertical edges of each of its veneer coated steel legs, and its top comes in either oak or walnut.