Wästerbg - Pastille lighting collection

Wästberg launches lights containing plant oils

Swedish lighting brand Wästberg has produced the Pastille collection of lights created by design duo Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, made using 60% biologically sourced and recyclable materials.

The Pastille lamps contain oils from the castor plant that’s known for its medicinal qualities, although it’s reinforced with fibreglass for durability.

The thick, disc-shaped shades look like little round pastille sweets that you can rotate all the way around long, slender poles. You can flip them over as well to point the soft, diffused light in any direction, and dim the light using the power switch on top of the stem.

There are floor, wall and table versions with various arm lengths, as well as one with a clamp base that you can attach to a shelf or the edge of a table. They come in oxide red, olive green, soft white and graphite black.