Walter Knoll - Moualla Table

Walter Knoll makes oval table drawn freehand

Walter Knoll’s new Moualla Table features a solid wood surface that appears to float above its legs.

Turkish architect and designer Neptun Ozis drew the table freehand as a large oval that reaches past the legs in a long cantilever. The thick, rounded legs are angled up towards the surface, and have a wooden block on top that creates space between the surface and the legs. This lift adds a lightness to the solid wood, and the table takes on the slender shapes and wooden warmth of Scandinavian furniture. It comes in oak that’s white pigmented, fumed or burnt, and also in nutwood with sapwood inclusions.

Neptun designed the table in memory of his late father, the designer and artist Sadi Ozis. Sadi designed a chair by the same name in 1964 for the Fine Arts Academy of Istanbul as a tribute to Fikret Moualla, a 20th century avant garde painter who was a close friend to the designer. The chair went unnoticed for 50 years, until it was put into production in 2014 by Turkish firm Karre Design.

Walter Knoll started producing Neptun and Sadi’s furniture in 2015, and currently make three of their chairs, as well as the new table.

Moualla table comes in three sizes and is available to order now.