Volker Haug Studio - Oddments lighting system

Spherical lights shoot along brass curves

Australian brand Volker Haug has made a celestial system of arched suspension lights with spheres that circle round each other like planets in orbit.

Oddments is a lighting system featuring featuring curved brass arms with blown glass spheres fixed to the ends. The arcs come in different sizes so larger ones can hug smaller ones, and the glowing globes seem to shoot around each other with the brass curves tracing their lines of movement.

Celestial shapes and compositions make up one of five key trends in our report, which explores aesthetic themes that we feel are defining the furniture and accessories releases of this year.

You can arrange the lights in any way you like, hanging them horizontally or vertically. You’ve got a choice between polished or bronzed brass for the arms and you can add a raw, satin lacquer or enamel finish. Each fixture is secured with a cone-shaped ceiling rose as well as two light support cables that have their own mini conical ceiling fixtures.

Volker Haug showed the made-to-order system for the first time at Denfair design show in Melbourne.