Victoria Wilmotte - Triangle pendant light

Folded metal creates pendant light shade

These industrial pendant lights feature multifaceted handmade shades of folded aluminium, self-produced by Paris designer Victoria Wilmotte.

Called Triangle, the pendant has a rounded triangular plate on top of the shade, which roughly dictates the shape of its top half. The facets are wider along the edges of the triangle and narrower at its corners, and they gradually even out towards the rim as the shade becomes more circular. As the light shines down through the shade, it picks up the folds in the metal, creating lines of light and shadow on the inside of the shade.

The pendant light comes in an ultramarine, steel blue or grey powder-coated finish. You can choose between two sizes and it hangs from a black fabric wrapped cord.

Folded metal is a recurring feature in Victoria’s work, having previously designed the steel Pli table for German brand ClassiCon. This is the designer’s first collection produced at her own brand’s factory in Paris.

Available: 2-4 weeks
RRP ex VAT: £161

Author: Marius Thies