Tobias Grau - Parrot floor lamp

Tobias Grau launches portable floor lamp

German lighting brand Tobias Grau has launched a minimalist, portable floor lamp with a neat disc-shaped head that rotates around its tall, slender stem.

The Parrot lamp is made from aluminium so it’s light and easy to move around. The light is softly diffused, ideal for reading and working, and lasts up to ten hours on full power. If you dim the light using the touch sensor, it’ll last up to 100 hours. You can adjust the height of the stem by 42cm and rotate the shade 310 degrees while tilting it up and down as well.

You can stand the Parrot lamp on its charging pad when the battery’s running low, and there’s an option to get bluetooth integration as well so you can link it up to your phone or tablet. The aluminium comes in black, white, sky blue or orange.

Parrot was designed by Timon and Melchior Grau, sons of Tobias Grau and now art directors of the German company.

Available: December