Thonet - Coffee House chair in new colours

Thonet to launch 214 chair in new colours

Furniture brand Thonet will produce its historic 214 chair in four two-tone colour versions created by German design practice Studio Besau Marguerre just for 2019.

To celebrate 200 years of production, Thonet selected the contemporary versions of this 19th century design to show in Cologne later this month. The new colours include black, white, velvet red and sage, with the connecting pieces of steam bent wood stained several shades lighter than the seat ring and legs. This draws attention to the construction of the chair, showing off its individual parts through subtle nuances in colour.

The velvet red version references the colours of 19th century coffee houses, and there’s a special anniversary edition that combines red with sage.

The new versions of the chair are made from beech wood with a stretched wicker cane seat and will be available to order up until the end of 2019.

Author: Femke Gow