Thinkk Studio - Fluted side table

Fluted glass table refracts coloured gradients

Ribbed glass refracts coloured gradients in a new side table created by Bangkok design practice Thinkk Studio, shifting and shuddering as you move around it.

The base of the Fluted side table has sheets of gradient film in either orange or pale beige, sealed between one fluted and one clear layer of glass. The colour runs down the two curved legs and fades out towards the bottom. There‚Äôs also a supporting piece of glass between the two legs with each end tainted in colour. This composition creates an architectural arrangement of perpendicular lines softened by warm, fading colours.

The oval surface is also made of fluted and clear glass, but with no coloured film in between. The lines run diagonally across the surface, and the clear glass refracts the colour and orientation of the lines below.

Thinkk Studio presented the table during Paris Design Week alongside eight other designs, all produced by local Thai manufacturers and craftsmen.