The Rug Company - Endurance rugs

Desert Modernism inspires outdoor rugs

The Rug Company’s latest collection includes twelve outdoor rugs with geometric patterns in earthy tones inspired by the Desert Modernist movement of late 1940s California.

The Endurance Collection features a variety of designs ranging from solid blocks of mellow colours in tessellating patterns to thin striated dashes that look like colour blends from afar. These vibrant combinations aim to capture the scorched earth and flat-roof, pale architecture of Palm Springs, the Californian city in the golden valley of Coachella that defined Desert Modernism.

The flatweave rugs are hand-woven using American fabric brand Perennials’ “performance yarn”, which is soft enough to suit indoor spaces as well. Perennials uses solution-dyed acrylic technology to help the colours soak deeply into the yarn, making the rugs resistant to fading, stains and mould.

You can choose between set sizes or buy per metre.