Tait - Seam chair collection

Fabric seams inspire aluminium dining chair

Melbourne designer Adam Cornish has created a dining chair from a single sheet of aluminium that's been folded and rejoined like a tailored seam.

Produced by Australian furniture brand Tait, the split edges down the middle of the back fold over each other to create a neat join that protrudes like a prominent spine. There’s a small hole cut out at the soft fold between the seat and back that acts as a drainage point if you use the chair outside.

For the outdoor version, you can opt for powder-coated stainless steel legs that start from the middle of the seat and reach forwards and backwards, making the chair stackable. There’s also an indoor option with wooden legs and the same aluminium seat.

The Seam collection includes a bar stool with the same spine detailing, plus dining, cafe and bar tables.