Stellar Works - Louisiana chair

Stellar Works reissues furniture for Louisiana museum

Shanghai brand Stellar Works has reissued a collection of furniture created by Danish designer Vilhelm Wohlert in 1958 for the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Relaunched to celebrate 60 years of the museum that’s idyllically perched on the coast north of Copenhagen, the Louisiana collection includes a chair that Wohlert originally designed in collaboration with fellow architect Jørgen Bo to be used across the museum’s galleries.

It stands on a rounded, solid wood frame with back legs that reach up at an angle and lean in towards each other to support the veneer backrest shaped in a narrow eyelet. The frame comes in a range of different timbers and the padded seat is upholstered in fabric or leather.

To stack the chairs, you place one back leg in between the legs of the chair below so they twist round, allowing for a sturdier stack with a sculptural spiral.

The collection also includes a pendant light and bar chair which Stellar Works makes to order. The range is now used in the museum’s café and exhibition rooms alongside Vilhelm’s Triangle and Piano chairs which were re-launched earlier this year.