Spotti Edizioni Milano - Duale table

Two surfaces join in one table

New furniture brand Spotti Edizioni Milano has produced an eclectic table in an unusual combination of marble, mahogany, steel and plastic laminate, created by Turin design studio Marcante Testa.

One surface is circular and made of Italian white marble. It sits flat on a round piece of red mahogany with a steel plate underneath for the base to fix on to. The base has two rounded, chunky legs, one bigger than the other, with vertical lengths of mahogany and painted iron arranged alternately all the way around.

The other surface is rectangular with a laminate top. It’s got one crescent-shaped side that the circular surface can push up against to join the two table tops side by side, and its corners are sliced off to soften the overall shape. This surface stands on two slender mahogany legs covered in painted steel, and another two that are flat and as wide as the corners, covered in the same laminate as the surface.

Called Duale, the table was launched as part of Marcante Testa’s Futuraforma collection which also includes an industrial copper chandelier and a rug adorned with little pompoms.