SP01 - Holland desk

Satin brass frame lifts wooden desktop

New Australian brand SP01 has collaborated with Milan design practise Metrica to create an elegant desk combining wood with rich satin metal finishes.

The Holland desk has a rectangular wooden surface with rounded corners that rests on a light, angular frame of rounded pieces of brass. There’s a metal swivel draw attached to the underside of the surface at one corner, plus the tips of the feet and cable management hole on the surface are brass too.

The desktop comes in natural, carbon or grey stained ash and you can choose between golden, pewter or black satin finishes for the brass parts.

The desk is a line extension of SP01’s original Holland dining table which was part of the brand’s inaugural eight-piece collection, created by Metrica in 2017. This year, SP01 launched the Holland bench and console table as well, all featuring the same metal leg structure.