Slowdown Studio - Evi O rugs

Mythical animals inspire abstract rugs

An abstract exploration into mythical beasts inspired Australian designer Evi O to create these rugs with graphic shapes in block colours for LA brand Slowdown Studio.

Known mainly for her abstract artwork, Evi Oetomo based this collection of rugs on her Jungle paintings. The rugs have the same designs as the paintings and are named Boa, Monstro and Sphinx after mythical snakes, whales and lion-human hybrids.

The Boa rug features a neat, thick squiggle slithering diagonally across the hand-tufted rectangle with a dot for a head. Monstro looks like a contorted whale with a curled up tail, while Sphinx is the most abstract of the three with a block body that splits to long arms on each side.

Each rug is hand-looped in India and comes in three different sizes.

Australian designer Marc Hendrick founded Slowdown Studio after moving to LA in 2012. With a love of playful prints and patterns, he works with his favourite artists and illustrators from around the world to create home accessories.his is his first foray into rug design.