Sé - Moirai chandelier

Sé launches cluster of coloured glass lights

Continuing the staggered release of Ini Archibong’s Collection IV, French brand Sé will show the Moirai chandelier at its London showroom this week, featuring a cluster of coloured crystal glass lights.

Each glass shade is made of two halves that have been sealed together to encase a tube of light, which is held in place at either end with brass fixtures. Ini designed the shades to hang between long brass stems at slightly different heights to create the layered of effect of a nebulous cloud.

The translucent glass is coloured in vibrant shades of purple and blue, which work with the warm golden light to evoke rich colours of a sunset sky.

You can choose how many shades you include in your chandelier, and they come in three different shapes; one that’s almost spherical and two that are more cylindrical.

Named after the goddesses of fate, the chandelier will be shown alongside the rest of the collection, including the Circe range of seating launched earlier this year.