Sé - Circe Collection

Sé launches range of bulbous seats

Furniture brand Sé launched the Circe seating range in Milan, featuring cushioned blobs nestled against slender metal frames.

Each chair has a bulbous upholstered seat that’s nearly on the ground, with only the base of its L-shaped steel frame beneath it. Circe is available as a chair and sofa and will be launched as part of the brand’s forthcoming Collection IV, a range of furniture exploring contrasting combinations of delicacy and strength.

Collection IV, also referred to as “Below the Heavens”, marks the brand’s first collaboration with Switzerland-based Nigerian designer Ini Archibong who made his debut in Milan 2016 with marble tables standing on coloured glass legs.

Sé has worked with a different designer on each of its three collections including Jaime Hayon, Nika Zupanc and Damien Langlois-Meurinne. The brand presented 11 designs from Ini’s 22-piece series including tables with slim surfaces supported by rotund bases, as well as lighting inspired by cloud formations.

Keep your eyes peeled for the others that will be released over a two- year period.