Sarah Ellison - Golden furniture collection

Rattan inlay adorns chunky furniture

Geometric arrangements of rattan inlay cover the thick, rounded tables of this new handmade furniture collection created by Sydney designer Sarah Ellison.

Inspired by the warmth of wooden furniture in 1970s Australian coastal homes, Sarah named the collection Golden. It includes a desk, coffee and side table. All the surfaces are covered in geometric patterns of linear rattan strips which show off the rich, diverse tones of the natural material. Pieces of rattan run round the top edge of each table as well, framing the intricate inlay.

The thick sides of the table tops and cylindrical legs below are covered in vertical strips of rattan, and brass rings circle round the bottom of the legs to complement the golden tones.

Sarah also designed a wicker armchair for the collection, which is woven onto a tubular metal frame, plus accessories including mirrors with rattan borders and minimalist ceramic vases.

Sarah has worked as an interior and fashion stylist for over a decade and started her namesake furniture and accessories brand in 2017.

Available: 4-6 week lead time
Photo credit: Dave Wheeler