Clar - Rond Lights

Mesh shades create sculptural pendant lights

Mesh shades made from a composite material of paper and film look like flying saucers in a collection of pendant lights that London studio Clar launched during London Design Festival.

The delicate shades are made from two mesh halves that are stitched together to create a shape like a UFO with a pointy top and an open bottom. Thin, curving strips of the composite material weave over and under each other, overlapping in different directions to create a hazy shade over the bulb.

Created by brand owner and designer Barbara Etter, the shades come in three different sizes in black, cream or white. Each one is handmade to order and assembled in the brand’s east London studio.

Barbara showed the pendant lights in That Flower Shop in Shoreditch in a range of exclusive colours that reflected the seasonal flower display.