Promemoria - Bomb chair

Backrest wears piece of elastic velvet

Luxury Italian furniture brand Promemoria has produced a playful lounge chair with coloured pieces of velvet stretched over the backrests.

The Bomb chair’s backrest is covered in elastic velvet with the top corners cut away to reveal the fabric underneath. The backrest tapers in as it reaches the soft, boxy seat that stands on plastic bun feet.

The elastic cover over the back and the seat itself come in different colours so you can mix and match.

The armchair was put into production in memory of its late designer Massimo Morozzi, co-founder of influential architecture studio Archizoom. It’s part of the Indigo Tales collection which also includes furniture and lighting created by Italian designer Piero Castiglioni, Prememoria’s founder Romeo Sozzi and his son Davide.