Pouenat - Sunset pendant light

Brass shutter moves over ribbed glass light

Satin brass partially conceals glowing ribbed glass in an elegant pendant light created by Parisian designer Rodolphe Parente.

A partially visible sun sinking below the horizon inspired Rodolphe to create this collection of semi-concealed lights, combining soft metal finishes with a light-diffusing glass for French brand Pouenat.

The Sunset pendant light has a semicircular brass shutter on each side covering half of a glowing circle of frosted textured glass. The shutter is fixed to the centre of the glass on both sides with a brass clasp reaching over the top of the light, so you can rotate the shutter round the glass to reveal different parts of the circle.

There’s a golden rim all the way around the edge of the light, and the fixture hangs from a brass-covered cable. There’s also a wall version with a fixed brass semicircle over ribbed glass.


Photo credit: Francis Amiand