Poltrona Frau - Xi lights

Neri&Hu designs lamps to evoke sunlight at dawn

Poltrona Frau has produced a collection of blown glass lights designed by Neri & Hu to capture the tone of soft early morning sunlight.

The collection is called Xi, meaning “light of dawn” in Chinese, which describes a particular warm tone of light in the morning just before the sun has fully risen. The range includes two hanging lamps and a table lamp, each with glass shades that are suspended in a leather saddle like a lantern.

Each shade is made from two different types of blown glass, separated by a brass rim. The top half of the glass is transparent and ribbed, and comes in shades of amber, emerald, sapphire or moonstone, while the lower part is etched with a translucent pearl finish to achieve the soft, diffused glow.

In the hanging version, a band of leather acts as a harness suspended from a horizontal bar, wrapping round the body of the shade to support it from underneath. You can also slide the lights along the bar to different positions.

In the table version, the shade is suspended over its metal base, fixed with brass brackets to the leather band which comes over the top as a handle.

The leather is available in either light camel or a taupe mole colour with a tone-matched seam, and the suspension light’s metal bar comes in matte grey.

RRP ex VAT: £2,350