Poiat - Bastone cabinet

Wooden sticks encase shelves

Long wooden dowels create a cage-like structure around oval shelves in this cabinet that Finnish design brand Poiat launched during Helsinki Design Week.

Named after the Italian word for "stick", the Bastone cabinet features slender oak rods that stand close together side by side, creating a slight haze that shifts as you view the cabinet from different angles. It’s lifted up from the ground on feet that reach up to the top of the cabinet and are thicker than the other sticks, forming hinges for the two doors on the front.

The doors have no handles, leaving the vertical lines of the cage uninterrupted, except for one band that runs horizontally round the cabinet at the height of the middle shelf.

Created by Finnish cabinet-maker Antrei Hartikainen, the Bastone collection also includes a sideboard with the same structure, and both pieces are available in natural or stained black oak.