Peca - Rima sideboard

Beech dowels surround sideboard

Wooden dowels glued together side by side create a ribbed wall around this warm beech sideboard, designed and produced by Mexican brand Peca.

Named Rima, meaning rhyme in Spanish, the sideboard has a long, rounded body that sits above the ground on little wooden legs. There are two discrete doors on the front, made from the same ribbed wood as the rest of the cabinet with no external hinges or handles.

A magnetic spring on the inside holds the doors shut and when you push to open them, you’ll find a long shelf inside. You’ll also notice the neatly sliced angles on the tops and bottoms of the dowels. This distinct detail allows the outer edges of the dowels to fit neatly within the outline of the top, creating a clean line along its edges.

Head designer and studio director Caterina Moretti founded Peca in 2007, and named it after the Spanish word for freckle.

Author: Marius Thies