Orchid Edition - Sillon chair

Concentric arches define cane chair

Rattan arches shape the backrest of the unusual Sillon dining chair created by Parisian designer Guillaume Delvigne for newly launched French brand Orchid Edition.

The curved backrest features an intricate arrangement of concentric arches with the straight lines of the arches running down to the front edge of the seat. The back legs are made of one piece of cane that reaches up to the middle of the backrest for support.

The outline of the backrest and seat is made of one looping piece of bent cane and there are curved pieces of supporting wood beneath the seat and between the legs. The optional seat pad comes in mustard yellow, coral red, midnight blue, zinc or grey.

Arches are one of the prominent interior trends that we looked at in our report earlier this year.

Orchid Edition was founded by Marion Kok, the great-granddaughter of Pierre Kok who started the family’s rattan furniture business in early 20th century France.

RRP ex VAT: £399
Photo credit: Hervé Goluza