OAO - 31.3 glassware collection

Omer Arbel creates polygon-shaped glassware

Canadian designer Omer Arbel has created a colourful series of polygon-shaped glassware, designed to be arranged in geometric compositions and produced by his own creative practice Omer Arbel Office.

Called 31.3, the collection includes 31 blown-glass vessels and blocks made up of three different shapes; the five-sided vessels are designed to nestle around diamond blocks that come in two different widths to fill the gaps.

The choice of shapes are based on what’s known as the five-fold tiling problem, which captures the mathematical difficulty of creating a complete surface of tiles using any five-sided shapes. Omer studied the various two-shape solutions to the problem, and came up with a new arrangement that uses three shapes, one of them five-sided, to achieve the same result.

The coloured glass ranges from bright marigold to vibrant amethyst, hues that were developed using ancient formulas unique to the Czech Republic that date back to the 1600s.

Available: £2,944 for entire collection