Heat Pendant Light from Northern

Northern launches Heat pendant light

This airy pendant light is made from fine brass mesh, hand-formed into a cloud of rippling folds to alternately catch and reflect the light.

Called Heat, the dramatic piece from new brand Northern is large but lightweight, and surprisingly bouncy to the touch. The translucent material creates a delicate, tranquil effect when turned off, but glows with a fiery shimmer when you flick on the light.

The creator is Johanna Forsberg, a self-taught artist who usually works with metal meshes to create figurative sculptures at her studio in the north of Sweden. When Oslo brand Northern took the design into its collection, she decided to add a socially conscious dimension to the project: she teamed up with a local agency to create jobs crafting the lights, by training up previously unemployed migrants and asylum seekers.

Deceptively simple in construction, each one is made from two large circles of fine brass mesh sewn together. The seams get rolled over a couple of times to hide the cut edges, before the surface is teased and pulled into its final undulating form. A solid brass cross supports the top of the shade from the inside.

Available: Now
RRP ex VAT: £860

Rose Etherington
Editor in Chief

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