Normann Copenhagen - Stock table

Normann Copenhagen's Stock Table has legs that extend at different angles

Normann Copenhagen's welded steel Stock Side Table features two pairs of legs that extend down to the ground at different angles.

One pair stands straight, supporting the round surface like any other table, and is joined by a wide, flat piece of steel. Two more legs extend down from the centre of this piece in an upside down v-shape. This creates an architectural arrangement of negative space full of different symmetrical compositions depending on the angle you look at it from.

Created by Toronto-based studio M-S-D-S, the Canadian designers wanted to create something that celebrated the characteristics of raw steel. Stock shows off the material’s industrial side by leaving its weldings rough and visible, while the dainty legs and satisfying symmetry capture its delicacy.

The table is available to order now in a warm claret and calm steel blue as well as either a classic black or white.