Normann Copenhagen - brass Amp lamp

Normann Copenhagen adds brass base to Amp lighting collection

Normann Copenhagen has introduced a new brass finish for the popular Amp lighting collection.

The brass option brings a golden lightness and warmth to the table lamps and pendant lights, which previously came only with a marble base. For the shade, you can choose between the transparent smoked glass - where you can see the bulb glowing inside - or the matte white opal shade that contrasts with the shiny brass.

The shades are available in tall or stout ovals, and can easily be lifted off the table version or twisted away from the pendant to exchange them for a different look. They come with a cable that matches the shade and you can change the bulb through an opening at one end of the glass.

Danish designer Simon Legald was inspired to create the collection when restoring an old 1960’s radio. While searching for spare parts, he was captivated by the warm glow of the tube amplifier and wanted to capture this in a lamp. The oval shape of the glass shade and the collection’s name reference this starting point.

You can order the Amp collection with the new base now for delivery towards the end of March.