Normann Copenhagen - Eddy Table Lamp

Normann Copenhagen produces marble lamp with pivoting shade

The Eddy table lamp from Normann Copenhagen has a slender, disc-shaped shade that you can pivot around the top of its chunky marble base.

The flat steel shade is fixed to a glossy brass ball that sits on top of the base, which acts as a pivot for the shade as you tip it in any direction. The base tapers in to a point at the top, creating space beneath the shade and exaggerating the pivoting motion.

The diffused downward light softens as it reaches the bottom of the lamp, picking up the swirls and varying tones of marble. To adjust the intensity of the light, you can twist the gold dimmer in the middle of the top. The shade and base come in grey, black or white and the lamp has a fabric cord fixed to the lamp with a brass ring.

Danish designer Simon Legald called the lamp Eddy after the swirling movement of water caused by currents. Eddy was shown in Milan alongside the designer’s other new creations for the brand including the Herit armchair, and Stock and Pine side tables.

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