Normann Copenhagen - Emperor pendant light

Amusement park inspires golden lights

Danish brand Normann Copenhagen will show its new Emperor pendant lights in Paris this week, made in collaboration with and inspired by Copenhagen’s Tivoli amusement park.

The Emperor lights are part of the brand’s latest Tivoli collection and feature rounded bell-shaped shades with a wide lip above a section that cuts in underneath. These are based on the Asian architectural style of two theatre towers inside the pleasure gardens, which are inspired by the tiered roofs of a Japanese palace.

There are two versions; one with a hemisphere-shaped shade and the other more conical. They both come in golden brass-plated steel with a golden casing round the lower part of the suspension cord.

The Tivoli range also includes decorative and kitchen accessories, featuring 27 different colours and a range of playful prints all taken from the eclectic and whimsical styles of the 175-year-old, world-famous amusement park.

Stop by the pop-up showroom at 147 Avenue de Malakoff in Paris this week to check out the brand’s latest work.