Nilufar - Baciocchi Associati floor lamps

Nilufar produces striking pillars of light

Milan gallery and furniture brand Nilufar has launched a dazzling collection of floor lamps featuring columns of light encased in hard-wearing materials and wrapped in soft fabrics.

Created by Italian architecture practise Baciocchi Associati, the collection includes six tall lamps, all different heights and shapes. Their metal bodies are wrapped in either smooth sheets or patchworks of lustrous velvet that soften the angularity and harshness of metal. There’s one that leaves its polished brass body exposed, showcasing its three different metal treatments, and another that uses frosted glass to diffuse the light.

The columns with sliced open tops direct the light upwards, and others with slits in their metal bodies reveal linear beams of light. These slender pillars stand on either singular blocks or totemic stacks of chunky slate or metal, some of which are wrapped in velvet too.

Italian architect and studio founder Roberto Baciocchi is both a product designer and architect, and is also the designer behind the boutique stores of luxury fashion brands Prada and Mui Mui.

Available: Made to order

Author: Marius Thies