New Volumes - Hemera table light

Brutalist marble lamp glows from inside

Australian designer Ross Gardam has designed a minimalist table lamp with a hidden bulb in its marble base for furniture brand New Volumes.

Named after the Greek goddess of daytime, Hemera glows warmly through its stone body with no visible light source. The bulb sits inside the hollow cylindrical base with a circular shade slotted over the top. The shade has a hole through its centre with a brass ring on the underside that secures it in place. A piece of marble plugs the hole in the top of the shade to stop the light from shining out directly.

The internal glow of the base softens the look of the stone by highlighting the veins and natural blemishes within the marble. All the edges are gently rounded and there‚Äôs a neatly curved lip running round the outer and inner rims of the shade, adding some shape to the flat surface.