Nanimarquina - Blur rug

Bouroullec brothers design rug with blurred lines

French designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have designed a new rug collection for Spanish brand Nanimarquina featuring blurred lines and rough geometric patterns.

Called Blur, the collection includes handmade flat-weave rugs produced using the kilim technique.Traditionally this method involves weaving horizontally, but for this collection, the Bouroullec brothers inverted the process and wove the pieces vertically to let the colours blend into each other, resulting in lines with uneven edges. The rugs have patterns of tessellating shapes, defined by these rough lines that give the rugs an overall aged and raw aesthetic.

Nanimarquina presented the Blur collection for the first time in Milan alongside the new Herb rug range, as well as the Tres Vegetal collection which was launched earlier this year.

Geometric shapes are a strong theme in the Bouroullec brothers’ artisanal rug designs for the Spanish brand, including Losanges in 2011 with sequences of diamond shapes and Lattice in 2016 with repeated strips of rhythmic lines.