Nahoor - Iscar Lighting Collection

Italian brand Nahoor creates lights with glowing disks

Nahoor has created a collection of lights featuring glowing disks inspired by nature.

The Iscar collection features perfectly spherical plates that glow through frosted glass on one side and have a smooth metal surface on the other. The wall version sits just a few centimetres off the wall and is suspended from a short rod that goes through a hole at the top of the circle. You can choose to have the metal side on show with the light reflecting off the wall, or the other way round with the light plate glowing directly outwards.

The collection also includes floor, table and suspension versions with different sized disks fixed horizontally that you can have facing up or down. The suspension lamp comes with three disks that cascade down the pole while the floor lamp has two disks towards the top of the stand. The table version has one disk positioned directly over its base.

Nahoor’s exclusive designer is brand founder William Pianta who is inspired by shapes and shadows of the natural world.

Iscar is available to order now in a range of chrome, brass and copper finishes.