Nada Debs - Tatami boxes

Nada Debs creates woven Tatami boxes

Lebanese designer and brand owner Nada Debs has made a collection of boxes and trays that combine Japanese woven flooring techniques with Beirut marquetry.

The collection is named Tatami after the Japanese practise of weaving rice straw to make flooring, a technique that Nada used for the surfaces of the boxes and trays. They all come in neon gradients of pink, yellow, green, blue or red, inspired by the kimonos of modern Geishas. Each piece in the collection has a wooden border inlaid with the designer’s contemporary take on marquetry. The boxes and trays are all sized at roughly a 2:1 aspect ratio, just like the size of traditional Tatami floor mats.

Having grown up in Japan and currently living in Beirut, Nada is fascinated by the similarities in design sensibilities and production techniques between the two cultures. She launched this collection at the Rossana Orlandi gallery in Milan, alongside her You & I collection of overlapping rugs.

Available: 6 weeks
RRP ex VAT: Starting from £813 for the boxes and £256 for the trays