Nada Debs - You & I rug collection

Nada Debs creates collection of overlapping rugs

Lebanese designer and brand owner Nada Debs has produced a collection of rugs that overlap traditional eastern patterns with contemporary colour blends in irregular shapes.

Each rug is made of at least two pieces; one low pile that draws on the patterns of traditional Persian rugs and another high pile featuring a contemporary blend of soft, graduating colour. The two sections are partially woven together at one edge and overlap just enough to create one rug that’s fragmented and irregular in shape. The colour blend sits over the patterned piece with little slits cut out to give way to the intricate design beneath.

The collection, called You & I, has nine variations, and the colour blended section of each one takes its tones from the stronger hues of the patterned piece. The rugs are handwoven in Afghanistan through the FBMI social initiative that provides women with employment and education in artisanal weaving, using local wool and natural vegetable dyes.

The collection was presented in Milan at the Rossana Orlandi gallery.

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