Nada Debs - Marquetry Mania collection

Linear marquetry adorns chunky centre table

Strips of marquetry draw lines all over the curves of this hand-sculpted wooden table created and produced by Lebanese designer and brand owner Nada Debs.

The Marquetry Mania centre table features a thick curved base with a chunky table top that’s defined by its rounded edges. Neat strips of inlay trace around the base and shoot across both sides of the tabletop, crossing over each other and flaunting their intricate geometric patterns. It comes in a range of colours including flamingo pink with a matte lacquer finish.

The new collection also includes a dining table, smaller side tables, lighting fixtures and a few home accessories, all embellished with the same playful lines and bold colours.

Born in Lebanon and raised in Japan, Nada blends ideas from different cultures into her designs, having recently made a collection of boxes using Japanese woven flooring techniques and Beirut marquetry.

Available: 8-10 weeks
Author: Femke Gow