Mylhta - Dawn chaise longue

Velvet strips splay across chaise longue

Strips of velvet fan out across this elegant chaise longue created by Swedish designer Lisa Hilland as part of the debut collection for her own brand Mylhta.

Inspired by the sleek lines and curves of art deco furniture, the Dawn chaise longue is covered with strips of upholstered velvet stitched together and arranged by the designer to look like rays of sunlight streaking across the surface. The fanned lines continue up onto the thin backrest, which is also covered in velvet and curves round the wider end of the bean-shaped seat.

The seat stands elegantly on tall wooden legs that taper in towards the ground. The rich velvet comes in teal and ash rose with custom colour options available.

Lisa Hilland launched her new brand at London Design Fair last week with her collection of cabinets, coffee tables and a range of smaller accessories.