MX Object - Piggy side table

Piggy bank inspires side table

The shape and convenience of a piggy bank inspired this side table that has an aluminium tube for a body, created by Chinese designer Mario Tsai for furniture brand MX Object.

There‚Äôs a circular surface poised on top of the tubular body, reminding the designer of a piggy wearing a hat, and you can use the inside of the tube as storage. The thin legs splay out to the sides as if straining to support the chunky body. It comes in blue, green, gold, silver or red, and the tube comes in two different sizes.

Mario Tsai decided to experiment with the material after a visit to a metal market. He bought an aluminium tube that he used to carry home all his other purchases, which reminded him of the convenience of slotting things into a piggy bank and sparked his idea to create a functional side table with storage.