Muuto - Pebble rug

Muuto makes rugs inspired by pebbles

Furniture brand Muuto has launched a collection of tactile rugs covered in hand-knotted bobbles, inspired by the knobbly surfaces of pebbled beaches.

Copenhagen designer Margrethe Odgaard created the Pebble rug to feel stimulating underfoot, The main body of the rectangular rug is covered in hundreds of little firm woollen loops, each one a slightly different size and shape to the next.

The bobbled section has rounded corners that soften its overall shape, and there’s a flat weave border running all the way round, emphasising the height and texture of the woolen loops. The rug also has little bobbles along its two longest edges.

The rug is handwoven in India from jute and New Zealand wool. You can choose between burnt orange, pale rose, light or dark gray for the base colour and the loops are always a slightly lighter shade than the flatweave base.

RRP ex VAT:£985

Author: Marius Thies