Muuto - Enfold Sideboard

Muuto makes sideboard wrapped in steel

Danish brand Muuto has launched an industrial sideboard featuring a sheet of steel that enfolds oak shelves and corrugated sliding doors.

The sideboard has an oak surface just below the top edge of the steel, and it sits on a wooden base that you can see between the bottom of the body and the slender steel feet. You can twist each foot individually to adjust the height and level it out with the ground, and the doors have been repeatedly bent back and forth to create a ridged surface. There are no visible fixings anywhere, giving the piece an uninterrupted, minimalist look.

It comes in soft tones of sand yellow, dusty green, light grey and black, all with a matte finish, while the wooden parts are finished in a clear lacquer. You can also opt for a monochrome version with the wood painted the same colour as the steel. There are two different sizes available and you can move the internal shelves up and down across different levels.

Copenhagen-based designer Thomas Bentzen created Enfold and is also behind the brand’s best-selling Loft chair series. Enfold was shown for the first time in Milan and is available to order now.

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