Moustache - Touch table collection

Moustache launches tactile ceramic side tables

Paris furniture brand Moustache has launched a collection of ribbed, rippled and satisfyingly smooth ceramic side tables created by German designer Dimitri Bahler.

The Touch collection includes three tables that experiment with regular, random, and plain textures, all designed using 3D modelling software and cast with traditional ceramic mould-making techniques. The ribbed version has continuous linear grooves running over the top and down the sides in a matte finish. Another looks like it’s covered in giant fingerprints with a glossy finish, while the third is perfectly smooth and has a coloured gradient over the base.

The tables all have rounded bodies and a prominent lip round the rim of the surface. They each come in three different sizes, a range of colours and you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Author: Femke Gow