Moustache - TGV Lamp

Moustache releases lamp designed for trains

French brand Moustache is now producing a table lamp that was originally designed to illuminate the tables inside high-speed trains.

France's state-owned railway company, SNCF, originally commissioned Paris designer Ionna Vautrin to design the lamps for its new train carriages, intending to bring a domestic character to the interiors and create an atmosphere that invites passengers to settle in and relax while the French landscape rushes past.

Realising that the reassuringly solid and compactly contoured piece could also have a place in more static settings, SNCF partnered with Parisian design house Moustache to make the design available to a wider audience.

Just like the original, the durable body of the resulting TGV lamp is cast in two halves from aluminium, using the same industrial tooling developed for furnishing the new TGV trains. Two polycarbonate diffusers cover warm white LEDs, projecting light to each side.

The only things they added to the production version were extra ballast in the lamp body to make it perfectly stable and a screwing system under the base so you can fasten it securely to surfaces if you're using it in a hospitality project.

In addition to the cheery red and blue used in the trains, the TGV lamp now comes in khaki, white and anthracite. The lamp was shown at Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan last month, alongside some very strange videos that showed friendly hairy beasts using the lamps in domestic settings.

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