Mob - Catedral bookcase

Cathedral steeples inspire wooden bookcase

Long pointy legs tower above the top of the new Catedral bookcase like church steeples in the latest design from Mexico furniture brand Mob.

The rounded slender legs taper in towards the tips, and have golden metal caps at the top and bottom. There are four legs on one side of the bookcase and three on the other, creating a zig-zag pattern that runs back and forth across the shelves.

The legs are connected by five levels of short wooden dowels, which run diagonally between pairs of legs. This arrangement creates a structure for the long wooden shelves to rest on and draws attention to the depth of the bookcase. The legs on the front look taller than the legs at the back, evoking the varied steeples and spires of ornate Mexican cathedrals.

The bookcase comes in walnut, tzalam or ash wood.

Designed by the brand’s founders Jesus Irizar and Elsa Garcia, Catedral is part of Mob’s Collection Sexta. They aim to capture the essence of objects and people that shape Mexican identity.