Miniforms - Colony room divider

Rattan arches round beech wood frame

Italian furniture brand Miniforms has produced a cane room divider with three hooded arches created by Milanese designer Stefan Krivokapic.

Named Colony, the room divider has a beech wood frame with three symmetrical arches attached side by side at the hinges. Each arch has a piece of wood running up the centre which arcs over at the top, creating a hollowed out body as opposed to the usual flat room divider.

The sections of rattan bend smoothly over the frame and make a hood over the top of each arch like a three-dimensional skin. There are two diagonal pieces of wood that make a v shape on the flat body of each arch. These zig-zag all the way along and you can see the frame through the cane.

The room divider is an addition to designer Stefan’s Colony armchair and table series, which also use the malleable quality of rattan to bend around a wooden structure.