Menu - Tearoom club chair

Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspires Menu’s latest launch

The Willow armchair created by Charles Rennie Mackintosh is the inspiration behind Menu’s latest release, a velvet lounge chair by fellow Scotsman Nick Ross.

Nick named the chair Tearoom, after the Willow Tearooms in his hometown of Glasgow, for which Mackintosh designed all the furniture. Like the original, the new design features a curved backrest that hugs around the sides of a semi-circular seat. However in place of the high wooden lattice back, it has a cushioned, upholstered backrest that reaches all the way down to the floor.

The front edge of Nick’s seat curves outwards at the top and is subtly concave at the bottom, creating a sculptural outline of contrasting curves. It stands on a black MDF base, which is narrower than the chair and lifts it away from the ground to lighten to its solid silhouette.